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Article 1: 3 Reasons Why Survival Swimming is an Important Skill for Children
There is a distinct difference between swimming and survival swimming. Survival swimming teaches children the ability to float and breathe while in water. It is focused on the idea of survival rather than swimming technique. At SoCal Survival Swimming, we teach an Infant Survival swimming course for ages six months and up. While some believe that this age is too young to be exposed to swimming, this isn’t the case. In fact, it’s crucial that children learn survival swimming as early as possible. Here are the top three reasons why survival swimming is an important skill for children:
Did you know that drowning is a leading cause of death in young children here in the United States? This is true for two reasons. First, children are naturally drawn to water- especially swimming pools. Second, the majority of young children don’t have proper swimming experience, so they don’t know what to do when they’re submerged in water alone. They panic and do not know how to properly get their bodies in the proper position. Survival swimming teaches young kids how to roll over onto their backs and float when in a body of water. This simple technique has helped to save hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.
While some children are drawn to water, others are afraid of it. Large bodies of water can seem dark and scary to young kids. However, if this fear of water isn’t addressed early on, it can develop into a full-blown phobia. Children who are this terrified of water oftentimes refuse to learn how to swim without floaties or are traumatized when they do. In our classes at SoCal Survival Swimming, we have children as young as 6 months that have already successfully learned how to roll over and float on their own- while fully clothed! When exposed to swimming at a young age- and then continuously exposed as they age- children are so used to water that they never even think to be afraid of it. It’s important that children of all ages aren’t afraid of the water and are confident in their ability to stay safe and have fun.
Parental peace of mind
If you have a young child and own a pool or live near a large body of water, you likely get nervous when you know your child will be near the water. This is a completely normal feeling. When children aren’t familiar with survival swimming techniques, they have even higher rates of drowning. Even children who spend much of their time around the water and aren’t afraid of it can fall victims to drowning. However, when infants and children have taken comprehensive survival swimming courses, parents can relax, knowing that their children will be safe in the water.
At SoCal Survival Swimming, we firmly believe that every child should have survival swimming training. Even those as young as six months are able to learn how to roll onto their backs and float when exposed to water. If more children had survival swimming training, there would be significantly less child drownings. However, when children learn these techniques, they are also able to fight fears about bodies of water and give their parents peace of mind. If you are interested in learning more about our Infant Aquatics courses, please click www.socalsurvivalswim.com.

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